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The MEL commissioned Marc Pfeiffer and Rutgers to study local government technology risks including cyber security. 

Today, all local governments face technology risks including cyber security and need to establish a system of technology governance.  This must also include planning, the proper deployment of technology and cyber hygiene for their employees.  The Rutgers study recognizes that local governments have different levels of risks and provides tools to help agencies assess their unique technological profile.

Three items are posted here:

  1. A brief Leadership Summary that outlines the study's key elements and recommendations.
  2. A copy of the full study.
  3. A supplement that provides specific guidance concerning actions that local units can implement given each agency's technology risk assessment.

The MEL has added a Cyber Liability training program – designed for all users of your local government's systems – to the MEL Safety Institute. The DVD can be streamed on line – click here to access the Videos Public Access page to view the video "Cyber Security" – or can be viewed through the MEL Safety Institute (which records attendance). Please click here to follow directions to the MEL Safety Institute.

We strongly recommend that all senior people (including governing boards, executives, and risk managers) review the this material (especially the Leadership Summary), and work with appropriate staff to implement this program.  Over the next year, the MEL also plans expand the cyber risk management support provided to MEL members.