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Claim Filing - Automobile Physical Damage

Your Fund may pay property damage liability to your vehicles subject to a deductible. You should report these losses to your Fund’s claims administrator on this downloadable MS Word document.  To save the document to your hard driver in order to complete and then email, FAX, or mail, left click on the highlighted "document" and choose "save."


Helpful Hints

  • Please note on the reporting form what kind of physical damage is involved, i.e. collision, fire, theft, etc..
  • Be sure to identify a contact person with the authority to make decisions and who knows where the vehicle can be seen.
  • Immediately forward a copy of this loss to your claims administrator and risk  management consultant.
  • It is inappropriate to admit responsibility for a loss to an outside injured or damaged party.  Responsibility will be determined and assigned by Fund Professionals upon completion of investigations and legal analysis.


The purpose of this information is to highlight the major coverages, limits, sub-limits, and extensions as afforded through MEL Affiliated Joint Insurance Funds. Information presented here is not a policy of insurance and in no way modifies, restricts, expands or in any way changes the coverages afforded through your Fund.  For actual coverage determination, reference MUST be made to applicable coverage documents