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Workers Compensation


Immediately make arrangements to provide the injured employee with appropriate medical care by calling the Managed Care Organization (MCO) selected by your JIF.  The HOTLINE numbers are:

Bergen Risk        (888) 525-3453

CSG                    (877) 345-4129

FMCO                  (800) 831-9531

QUALCARE           (800) 425-3222  



Effective October 1, 2008, injured workers may file an application for emergent medical treatment based on "irreparable harm".  Once an employer recieves service of this application, a response must be made within five calender days.  Therefore, it is critical that you immediately phone your claims administrator upon receipt of this application.



New Jersey requires the electronic filing of workers’ compensation reports.  The First Report of Injury (FROI) can be downloaded using the following links. Complete this form on all cases where the employee sought more than first aid treatment regardless of whether the employee lost time from work.

Reporting for Qual-Lynx (formerly Scibal Associates) JIFs 
Report claims electronically through the following link:

Reporting for Bergen Risk Manager (BRM) JIFs
Members of the Bergen and South Bergen JIFs may file the form electronically through Bergen Risk Mangers at http://www.bergenrisk.com

OSHA Form 301 Report 
The claims administrator will make the electronic filing to the State and you will receive a copy.  This FROI copy can also substitute for the OSHA Form 301 Report. The FROI form will contain an OSHA Log Number that you can use as the case number for the OSHA Form 300 Log. Please note that this case number is not the same as the claim number assigned by your claims administrator.