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Videos (Public Access)


 video button 32131468 Cyber Security
 video button 32131468 Crosswalk Heroes -  Techniques and Tactics for Crossing Guards
 video button 32131468 Smart Moves to Avoid Falling Down
 video button 32131468 Changing the Way We Think About Safety (12 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Community Safety Leadership (10 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Street Smart is Safe (Crossing Guards) (15 minutes)
 video button 32131468 School Zone Safety (11 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Don't Get Caught in the Crush Zone (9 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Urban Driving (15 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Driving During Emergencies & Natural Disasters (15 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Safety First in All We Do (11 minutes)
 video button 32131468 101 Days of Summer (11 minutes)
 video button 32131468 The Silent Epidemic (9 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Stop and Think to Prevent Back Pain (17 minutes)
 video button 32131468 Pedestrian Safety
 video button 32131468 The Safe Patient Lifting

Civil Rights

  video button 32131468 No Tolerance (Employment Practices)
  video button 32131468 The Rights and Duties of an Employee in Local Government
  video button 32131468 The Rights and Duties of a Volunteer in Local Government


Active Shooter Preparedness 

    video button 32131468   Options for Consideration - Active Shooter Video



    video button 32131468   Workplace Injury / Illness Recordkeeping Webinar
    video button 32131468   Planning for a Successful Special Events Webinar

DVD copies of many of these videos are still available. Contact the fund office for information.

The MEL produced the videos in the Safety and Civil Rights sections and owns the copyrights. Permission is hereby granted to any governmental entity to use this material for non commercial purposes, provided that proper attribution is given to the MEL. All other rights are reserved.

The videos and other material on this website are for informational purposes only and are not a substitue for formal compliance training. All safety training should be administered by a qualified individual. Written materials are also for informational purposes and will require modification by the user prior to use as a compliance document.