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This coverage is provided the Environmental Joint Insurance Fund (EJIF) not your local JIF. The following JIFs are members of the EJIF: Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Monmouth, Morris, NJUA, Professional Municipal Management, Ocean, Central, South Bergen , Suburban Essex , Suburban Municipal and Trico.

Types of Claims

  • Wrongful acts of public officials which result from an environmental impairment.
  • Remediation costs to property under your care, custody and control resulting from negligent acts of a third party.
  • DeMinimis abandoned toxic waste site liability.
  • Comprehensive legal defense in covered claims.
  • Third party liability and corrective action plan coverage for scheduled storage tanks.
  • Third party liability losses caused by an environmental impairment from such locations as scheduled recycling centers and foreclosed properties.

In addition, the EJIF contracts with PS&S Engineering and First Envionment to provide environmental risk management services to the members.

Environmental Hotline

Any environmental incident should be immediately reported to the Environmental Engineer at (800) 289-6681 and an environmental engineer will be dispatched 24/7 to assist you.  Examples of when to call are as follows:

  • Any incident involving releases, leaks, spills, or other problems involving the storage of hazardous materials in an underground or above ground storage tank.
  • Any spill or release of hazardous materials or petroleum products to the soil that significantly threatens soil contamination.
  • Any discovery or suspicion of a release of hazardous contamination to the groundwater.
  • The discovery of known or unknown hazardous material that requires the classification or identification of suspect chemical.

Where to Report Environmental Claims

Richard Erickson
First Environment
91 Fulton Street
Boonton, NJ 07005
(973) 334-0003 Office
(908) 303-3218 Mobile
(908)703-1437 Pager