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Universal Property Loss Claim Form | Complete this form and email or FAX it to the claim administrator retained by your JIF. This form is only to be used for claiming damage to your own property.

Types of property losses to be reported on this form

  • Damage to your building or its contents
  • Damage to equipment you own or lease and are required to cover
  • Damage to any auto you own or lease
  • Damage to valuable papers
  • An interruption of services on revenue producing property
  • Damage to fine arts owned and non-owned
  • Damage to a building owned by you and under construction
  • Damage to watercraft
  • Damage to backhoes and off road equipment
  • Burglary, robbery, theft of funds and fidelity losses

Depending on the circumstances, the JIF also covers damage to objects such as air conditioning systems, boilers, electrical lines and connections, or machinery such as deep well pumps, transformers, and production equipment caused by an accident that results in mechanical breakdown, electrical damage or steam explosion.

Report these losses to your JIF’s claims administrator on the Universal Property Claim Form.   Significant claims should be immediately reported by telephone.