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Throughout the year, MEL Safety Institute issues Bulletins and Safety Briefings that address a variety of risk management and safety issues. These documents are for informational purposes only and are designed for Safety Coordinators, Fund Commissioners and Municipal Business Administrators.


COVID-19 Specific

COVID-19: OSHA/NIEHS Guidelines & Resources for employers/employees
COVID-19: CDC Guidance on quarantine and return to work
COVID-19: Mandatory Vaccinations Guidance 
CDC – Coronavirus Updates
COVID-19: Families First Coronavirus Response Act
COVID-19: Guidance for Cleaning Surfaces
COVID-19: Guidance on Chemicals and HazCom
COVID-19: Guidelines for Emergency Remote Meetings
COVID-19: Guidance to Prevent Internet Child Exploitation
COVID-19: Guidance for Holiday Celebrations/Halloween
COVID-19: Resources for Administrative Staff 
COVID-19: Back to Work – Office & Vehicle Safety Guidelines
COVID-19: Reopening Public Facilities – May 27, 2020
COVID-19: Gov. Schedule for Re-Opening NJ – Updated June 16, 2020
COVID-19: Hurricane Preparedness During COVID Crisis 
COVID-19: Mandatory COVID-19 Workplace Safety Standards for N.J. Employers
COVID-19: New Guidance: Exec. Order 192 – Mandatory Minimum Health Protocols for Employers – Nov. 13, 2020
COVID-19: Revised Restrictions on Indoor/Outdoor Gatherings – Nov. 18, 2020
COVID-19: Guidance on Recording COVID-19 Related Illnesses for OSHA compliance  

Regular Briefings
ADA Accessible Web Sites
Beach Closing Best Practices
Bounce Houses and Inflatables
CBD Oil Risks
CDL Clearinghouse Registration
CDL Opioid Testing
Motor Vehicle Records Checks: CDL Drivers
Motor Vehicle Records Checks: Non-CDL Drivers
Motor Vehicle Record Checks: (updated 1.7.21)
Domestic Violence Act
Dealing with Service Animals
Driving: Buckle Up
Driving: Distracted Driving Fatalities
Drug & Alcohol Policy Template
Drug & Alcohol Policy: Selecting A “DER”
First Amendment Audits
Flash Floods
Focus on Parades
NJPEOSH Recordkeeping – 2021 Annual Reminder
October: Fire Prevention Week (2020)
Plan and Practice Escape from Fire
Office Safety
September is National Preparedness Month 2020
Slip and Fall Risks During Winter Months
Special Events Management
Special Events Safety Checklist
Take Your Daughters/Sons to Work Day – Best Practices
2021 New MSI Catalog

Law Enforcement

COVID-19 Specific

COVID-19: Guidance for Law Enforcement on Exposure (Updated)
COVID-19: LEO Guidance for Emergency Staffing
COVID-19: Sanitizing Software for cars/SUV’s
COVID-19: Identifying the Unseen Victims of the Pandemic
COVID-19: LE Bulletin Guidance for Expanded Outdoor Dining

Regular Briefings

LE Bulletin: Ambush Attacks on Police
Attorney General Directives 2018
Autism and Mental Health Awareness Training
Below 100 Training
Blackhawk Gun Holster Recall
Cop 2 Cop Hotline Poster  
LE Bulletin: Election Process Considerations for Law Enforcement Leaders
LE Bulletin: Guidance for Police – Responding to emergencies during online school learning
Crossing Guard Forms/Checklist
Crossing Guard Lesson Plan – Sun Glare
Crossing Guard Observation Report
Crossing Guard Training Lesson Plan
Crossing Guard Safety Program Resources
Firearms Safety
Firearms Training & Hearing Safety
Forming Strategic Partnerships
Pedestrian Safety
Police Vehicles: Purchase & Deployment Options
Protecting Children Risk Management Training
School-Related Threats: Best Practices
Search Incident to a Lawful Arrest
Surplus Military Vehicles
Traffic Control by Law Enforcement in Work Zones
Use of Force Risk Analysis Worksheet

Public Works & Public Authorities

COVID-19 Specific
COVID-19: Guidance for Solid Waste Industry Operations
COVID-19: Training Resources for Utilities
Cold Weather Best Practices for Facilities

Regular Briefings
Avoiding Vehicle-Deer Collisions
BioHazard Cleanup in Public Housing
Chipper Safety
Closed-Circuit Videoing Lateral Sewer Lines
Collecting Brush on Roadways
Electrical Arc Flash
Hand Laceration Awareness
Heat Related Illness Prevention
Heat Stress and Poison Ivy
Hurricane Preparedness
Ladder Safety
Leaf Collection Time: An Important Reminder
Magnetic Manhole Cover and Grate Lifting
Mark Out Safety/NJ One Call: Before You Dig
May 2019: Stand-Down for Fall Safety
Sanitation: Reducing Musculoskeletal Injuries
Short-Term Stationary Work Zones
Snow Emergencies
Soliciting Donations on Public Roadways
Summertime and High Visibility Apparel
Temporary Traffic Controls in Mobile Work Zones
Work Attire: Long Pants Versus Short Pants


COVID-19 Guidance on Re-Opening Parks and Recreation (Revised April 30)
COVID-19: Guidance on Reopening Playgrounds – June 30, 2020
COVID-19 Updated Guidance: Re-opening Outdoor Activities/Facilities – June 4, 2020
COVID-19: Updated Guidance: Re-opening Indoor Sports – Oct. 21, 2020
COVID-19: Guidance on Summer Camp Planning 

Regular Briefings
Reopening Public Outdoor Playgrounds
Bus and Van Operations: Safety and Risk Management Considerations
Hayride Safety
Playground Inspection Programs
Playground Safety Check List
Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
Training Summer/Seasonal Employees
Water Spray Parks
Winter Ice Activity Safety
Youth Coaches – Best Practices

Fire & Rescue

COVID-19 – Guidance for Fire & EMS on Exposure to COVID-19
COVID-19 – Guidance for EMS Workers
COVID-19 – Guidance for Jr. Firefighters/EMS Cadets

Regular Briefings
Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in Public Settings
AED Monthly Check List
Backing Fire Apparatus into the Station
Blue Light Best Practices
CDL Exemptions for Fire & Rescue Vehicles
Fire Extinguisher Essentials
Firefighter Fitness for Duty and Medical Evaluations
First Responders – Safe Lifting and Moving of Patients
Junior Firefighter Auxiliaries & the Amended NJSA40A:14-98
Minimum Age for Fire/EMS Drivers – Best Practices
SCBA Fit-Testing Firefighters with Facial Hair
Traffic Control at Emergency Incidents