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The Protecting Children video was created by the MEL and MEL Safety Institute to be used as a resource to increase awareness about the issue of child abuse, the causes, the devastating effects on children, and to provide information and steps that can be taken to help prevent and report incidents that occur in our communities.

The video on this page is publically available to be used to educate staff, employees, teachers, volunteers and community members about the importance of taking an active role to protect all children.

Municipal leaders and public officials can receive credit for watching this program, but must view the video through the MSI Learning Management System Portal.  To watch the video through LMS click here for the instructions and/or click the button on the top of the page “LMS Login” 

An accompanying Protecting Children Resource Guide is also available.  You can download the guide by clicking on this link. 

Printed copies of the Resource Guide and DVD’s of the video will be available soon. For more information contact:  

Protecting Children Video