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Learning Management System

This online feature makes it easy for members to enroll in classes, run reports, order safety DVDs, and record learning history.

Tutorial to Use LMS System

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The MEL Safety Institute (MSI) has combined all of the training resources into a single catalog for your easy reference. These resources have been categorized into three types:


MSI LIVE features real-time, instructor-led classes and webinars. Experienced instructors provide an interactive experience for the learner on a broad spectrum of safety and risk control topics. Most MSI LIVE offerings have been awarded continuing education credits for municipal designations and certifications. The MSI LIVE catalog provides a description of the course, the intended audience, and available credits.


MSI NOW provides on-demand streaming videos and online classes that can be viewed 24/7 by our members. Topics pertain to many aspects of safety, risk control, employment practices, and supervision and most can be viewed in under 20 minutes.


MSI DVD includes a library of over 1,000 DVDs. The DVDs can be requested and held for 2 weeks so they can be shown at a convenient time. A postage-paid envelope is included to return the DVD after viewing.

Click HERE to download the NEW 2021 MSI Catalog which includes information about courses, continuing education credits and more for  MSI LIVE, MSI NOW and MSI DVD.

MSI Training Needs Assessment Guide

The MSI offers this YES / NO Guide to assist members with determining what safety training is needed for each employee under various OSHA Standards and other occupational safety regulations.

MSI Training Needs Assessment Guide

MSI Online Classes Course Material

Online Classes Materials

Defensive Driving Course

The Defensive Driving New Jersey State 4-Hour Course is provided by the National Safety Council and is eligible for insurance premium discounts and point reductions if accepted by your insurance provider. This course is only available for MEL affiliated JIF members employees.

Click for instruction to take the Defensive Driving Course

Continuing Education Credits

The Institute offers seminars to provide continuing education credits to members and professionals that work with MEL.

Continuing Education Credit Listing for MEL Safety Institute Courses


MSI Local Officials Training

MSI conducts one-hour training seminars each year for local officials and offer member a discount for each official who complete the seminar.

MEL Risk Management Seminar for Elected/Appointed Public Officials


MSI Leadership Skill Training

The Institute conducts seminars for both new and experienced managers.



MSI Resource Center

MSI releases periodic bulletins, briefing, and videos on a wide range of topics safety, risk control, and risk management.

MSI Bulletins

MSI Briefings

MSI Online Videos

MSI Video Briefings

MSI Risk Management Webinars (Pre-recorded)

MSI Cyber Risk Control

MSI Resources