In 2002, the MEL has created a Safety Institute to provide risk control information to local officials, managers and employees at no cost to any MEL member. The Institute currently provides:

Learning Management System

This online feature makes it easy for members to enroll in classes, run reports, order safety DVDs, and record learning history.

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Questions? Contact the Mel Safety Institute Helpline: (866) 661-5120

Local Officials Training

The Institute conducts one-hour training seminars each year for local officials and offers members a discount for each official who completes the seminar.


Online Resource Center

The Institute’s website includes extensive materials on a wide range of risk management issues.

Online Resource Center

Mobile App

The institute operates a unique app to provide members with timely risk management information.

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Classroom Training

Over 1200 classroom sessions are conducted annually throughout the state.

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Questions? Contact the Mel Safety Institute Helpline: (866) 661-5120

Online Classes

The Institute’s website includes programs specifically to comply with NJ POSHA requirements.

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The Institute streams webinars on numerous risk management issues.



The Institute releases periodic bulletins on a wide range of topics.


Video Library

The Institute provides numerous videos that can be ordered or viewed online.

Online Video Library

MEL Media Library Videos

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Management Skills Training

The Institute conducts seminars for both new and experienced managers.


Continuing Education Credits

The Institute operates seminars to provide continuing education credits to members and professionals working with the MEL.