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Approximately 45% of employee accidents in municipalities occur in public works including utilities. Work on roads and around heavy equipment is inherently dangerous. The award-winning video, Don’t Get Caught in the Crush Zone shows the precautions that must be taken to prevent these accidents.

The two largest causes of DPW injuries are body mechanics (49%) and fall downs (19%). The videos Back Pain, Stop and Think and Smart Moves to Avoid Falling Down address these issues. Another especially relevant video is Driving During Emergencies and Natural Disasters. Any governmental agency may download and use these videos.

Research has shown that the accident rate can be reduced by reminding employees of basic precautions at the beginning of each day’s operations.  Shift Briefings on a wide variety of safety issues ranging from seasonal to specific categories of work are also available.

To view these and other MSI videos, bulletins and shift briefings please visit the MEL Safety Institute Website and click on the MSI Toolkit.