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MEL Announces first Cyber JIF effective Jan. 1, 2023! 
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Security & Privacy

First Party

Includes coverage for cyber- related Business Interruption, Data Recovery, and Cyber Extortion

Third Party Liability

Includes coverage for Privacy and Security events suffered by third parties for your wrongful acts, and Privacy Regulatory Defense, Awards, and Fines

Data Breach Response and Crisis Management

Includes costs you incur for data breach response providers (legal, forensics, etc.) arising from a data breach.

MEL Cyber Webinar

Claim Reporting

Public Officials Cyber Risk Control

Notice of incident or claim made to the JIF claims administrator.

Public Officials Cyber Risk Control

Call the 24/7 Data Breach Hotline at
1-855-566-4724 for immediate triage assistance.

Please note:
Contacting the Data Breach Hotline does not satisfy the notification requirements of your policy.