The MEL has created two video resources to help educate public entities about ways to identify and reduce the potential risks of harassment in the workplace.

The newest video, Harassment in the Workplace for Managers and Supervisors, is geared towards managers, supervisors and elected officials and presents the information as an indepth panel discussion format with key experts. This program includes a review of the root causes of harassment, the current statutory law and case law, and the NJMEL Model Anti0Harassment Policy to help create the proper work environment.  This video is available only on the MEL and MSI websites under the “Video” tab.

The Workplace Discrimination and Harassment video, released in the Spring of 2023, is geared toward non-supervisory personnel and is an online course available through the MSI LMS portal.  This course discusses the right of each employee to a workplace free of harassment and each employee’s duty to respect the rights of all other employees. This video is also available for public viewing on the MEL and MSI websites under the “Video” tab. Click here for the course flyer.