2020 Board of Fund Commissioners

  • Gregory Franz | Chairman | South Bergen JIF
  • John Clarke | Secretary | MEL JIF
  • Paul Tomasko | Executive Committee | Bergen JIF
  • Tom Nolan | Executive Committee | Monmouth JIF
  • Joseph Wolk | Executive Committee | Camden JIF
  • Brian Bigler| Executive Committee| NJUA JIF
  • Joseph Catenaro | Executive Committee | Suburban Essex JIF
  • David Matchett | Alternate Executive Committee | Burlco JIF
  • Richard Hirsch | Alternate Executive Committee | Atlantic JIF
  • Jon Rheinhardt | Alternate Executive Committee | Morris JIF
  • Tom Merchel | Alternate Executive Committee| PMM JIF
  • Sherry Sims | Alternate Executive Committee | NJPHA JIF
  • Veronica Laureigh | Alternate Executive Committee | Ocean JIF
  • William Northgrave | Alternate Executive Committee | Central JIF
  • Megan Champney | Alternate Executive Committee | Suburban Municipal JIF
  • Robert Law| Alternate Executive Committee | Trico JIF

Fund Professionals

  • Executive Director | PERMA Risk Management Services
  • Deputy Executive Director | Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
  • Attorney | Dorsey & Semrau
  • Actuary | The Acturial Advantage
  • Treasurer | Charles Cuccia
  • Auditor | Wielkotz & Company, LLC.
  • Claims Data Consultant | Qual-Lynx
  • Claims Supervisor | CB Claims
  • Asset Manager | Wilmington Trust
  • Banking Manager | Investors Bank

2020 Meeting Schedule & 2021 Reorganization

The Municipal Excess Liability Residual Claims Fund, a public entity established under NJSA 40A:10–36 et seq., has adopted a Resolution Establishing Meeting Dates and Places at its January 6, 2020, Executive Committee meeting held at the Forsgate Country Club in Monroe, NJ.


Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 et seq. and in consideration of Executive Order No. 103, issued by Governor Murphy on March 9, 2020, declaring a State of Emergency and a Public Health Emergency in the State of New Jersey, the Municipal Excess Liability Residual Claims Fund, public entity established under NJSA 40A:11-5 (1) et. seq., does hereby notify the public that to protect the health, safety and welfare of our citizens while ensuring the continued functioning of government, the meeting of the Municipal Excess Liability Residual Claims Fund, scheduled for 10:30AM, June 3, 2020 at Forsgate Country Club 375 Forsgate Drive Monroe NJ 08831 will be held TELEPHONICALLY. Fund Commissioners, Fund Professionals, Risk Management Consultants and Members of the public who wish to participate in the meeting may do so by calling 1-929-205-6099 and enter Meeting ID 930 0822 5957 at 10:30AM. Individuals calling into this number will be able to fully participate in the meeting, including providing public comment. A non-public dial-in number will be used if executive session is required.

Residual Claims Fund: All meetings, except where noted*, are held on Wednesday at 10:30AM.

  • March 27, 2020* | 9:00 AM *** Meeting held via teleconference
  • June 3, 2020 | 10:30 AM  *** Meeting held via teleconference
  • September 2, 2020 | Forsgate Country Club, Monroe | 10:30 AM
  • October 21, 2020 | Forsgate Country Club, Monroe | 10:30 AM
  • January 6, 2021 | Forsgate Country Club, Monroe | 10:30 AM

The RCF Claims Review Committee will meet on the same day as the Executive Committee at the above-listed locations at 9:00AM before the Fund meeting with the exception of the March meeting. The RCF Claims Committee will also meet at PERMA’s Camden office at 2 Cooper Street, Camden, NJ and via teleconference at 9:30AM on March 4, 2020, May 6, 2020, July 16, 2020 and December 2, 2020.

Public Notices



In accordance with the bylaws of the Municipal Excess Liability Residual Claims Fund and the state statutes governing municipal self-insurance, below is the Fund’s adopted 2020 budget, which was adopted at a public meeting held on October 16, 2019.

Adopted 2020 Budget

Reinsurance Premiums$10,000
Loss Fund Contingency$0
Deputy Administrator$70,021
Claims Supervision & Audit$61,603
Expense Contingency$135,283
Total Budget$656,000


In accordance with the bylaws of the Municipal Excess Liability Residual Claims Fund and state statutes governing municipal self insurance, below is the Fund’s 2019 Budget.

2019 Budget

Reinsurance Premiums$28,000
Loss Fund Contingency$0
Deputy Administrator$68,648
Claims Supervision & Audit$60,395
Expense Contingency$132,297
Total Budget$661,000


Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:10-38.14, listed are firms or individuals that have received more than $17,500 for services rendered to the Fund during 2019 (Click Here)